Blue Ridge Morning is a peaceful, sensuous look at a Blue Ridge Vista. This is a calm, serene view of the beginning of the day in the gorgeous Blue Ridge.  
I have lived in Southwest Virginia my adult life with Clyde Kessler, a great guy from Ferrum, VA.

He has introduced me to all these beautiful vistas he loves and tries to protect in a number of different ways.  He has lead countless hikes and hawk watches since the seventies and continually researches the area for bird and butterfly populations.  

His discovery of the endangered Mitchel Satyr in 1996 is considered to be the most important wildlife find in the second half of the twentieth century in Virginia. He has worked  with the US Forest Service to monitor wildlife in the Spring and Summer.  I never tire of looking at this beautiful region of Virginia and I try to add my emotional response to the paintings with my unique use of color and texture. One of my teachers in college said my colors sing.  I would like to think that is true.

Blue Ridge Morning

  • Blue Ridge Morning is a 24" x 18" impasto oil painting on stretched canvas without frame

    The painting can easily be professionally framed if desired.


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