The Lodge at Peaks of Otter is a beautiful resort where deers are practically as tame as pets.  The lake has a placid, peaceful look and the trails are great hiking fun.

This painting has delicate, peaceful colors and a soft textural surface. It is on stretched canvas and is un-framed.

One of the times we were there we took the bus up to the top of Sharp Top but we walked down which was a great experience.  I love to look at the atmosphere in higher elevations and watch it change at different levels.  

It is my opinion that cameras can't capture atmosphere.  They indicate different types of weather but the print always seems to be lacking in the actually density and colors found in various hazes and shadows.  

I can't capture these effects either since the colors are changing every few minutes but I try to capture different atmospheric effects and add my own interpretation to bring out as much beauty as possible.


The Lodge at the Peaks of Otter

  • The Lodge at the Peaks of Otter is a 12" x 16" impasto oil painting on stretched canvas without frame.  The painting can hang as is.

    The painting can be professionally framed if desired.


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